We at Coastal Oral and Facial Surgery go the extra mile to make sure you get the finest surgical care. We also have financial options that are convenient for our patients. In order to help us accomplish this goal, we work with you to help maximize your insurance reimbursement.

We will bill your insurance company on your behalf. After the insurance company has paid the bill, you will be sent a statement. If the insurance company paid more than necessary, then you will also be sent a credit. You should contact our office immediately if your insurance payment is not reflected on the statement.

It is important to note that you are responsible for the fees our office charges.

Our office staff members are here to help you with paperwork and insurance claims. We will also work with your insurance provider to make sure that your coverage fits your budget and needs.

Contact our staff members if you have questions or concerns. You can reach them at 858-381-0332. Make sure you bring your insurance information with you. If you take all of the forms with you to your office visit, then this will help speed up the reimbursement process.