Cavity prevention in Sugarland TX

Sugarland TX dentist
Sugarland TX dentist

If you are looking for an excellent pediatric dentist who will help your child’s teeth and gums stay healthy, you should visit us at Healthy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry. Our Sugarland TX dentist, Dr. Shilpa, truly enjoys working with children and making sure that their teeth stay as healthy as possible.

Children are very prone to getting dental cavities. This occurs for several reasons. To begin with, children are not yet good tooth-brushers. It is important that parents supervise their tooth brushing to make sure that they are practicing proper oral health habits. Children also will probably need help with flossing teeth. These two at-home dental activities will help to ensure that your child does not develop dental cavities. During tooth brushing and flossing, plaque is removed from teeth. Dental plaque is a clear and colorless film which naturally forms in your child’s mouth, and which contains cavity-causing acids. These acids will eat through your child’s tooth enamel and cause dental cavities. By coming to our dental practice to see our Sugarland TX dentist for dental exams, and for dental teeth cleanings, your child’s teeth will be able to remain healthier and develop fewer cavities. We also offer several different cavity prevention treatments. Children are able to get fluoride treatments at our dental practice. These fluoride treatments are very easy for your child to tolerate, and will help to strengthen your child’s tooth enamel. This will help prevent any acids from eating through your child’s teeth. Children’s teeth also have many pits and grooves on them. This is especially so on the flat chewing surfaces of your child’s premolars and molars. We are happy to offer dental sealants which will fill in these pits and grooves, and make it much more difficult for plaque to adhere to teeth. The dental sealants also act as a physical barrier between the teeth and the dental plaque.

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