Causes and prevention of pediatric dental decay in Cinco Ranch

Cinco Ranch children's dentist
Cinco Ranch children’s dentist
What are the causes of pediatric dental decay and the resulting cavities? When you get down to the focus of the problem, it always traces back to dental plaque and its effects. But there is more to it than that. Here at Healthy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry, Cinco Ranch children’s dentist are dedicated to the prevention of childhood cavities, whenever possible.

We all consume sugar, adults and children alike. But typically, kids eat and drink more of it. Let’s face facts: sugar tastes good. Unfortunately, it is also an enemy of good dental health. Sugar fuels dental plaque, leading to the erosion of tooth enamel, and the formation of those tiny holes known as cavities. Under ideal circumstances, your child’s baby (primary) teeth will fall out on schedule, and make room for the imminent eruption of adult (permanent) teeth. Any interference with that schedule can cause problems such as crowding that results in complications for adult teeth to grow in. Our Cinco Ranch children’s dentist does not want your child to lose a baby tooth too early, which can happen when dental decay is not addressed. Brushing after meals as well as flossing daily is the basis for a smart strategy designed to prevent cavities. And if at-home oral hygiene eliminated all plaque, that would be great. But some of it hides out of reach, hardening into tartar. Bring your child in for a twice-yearly checkup and teeth cleaning. This allows our Cinco Ranch children’s dentist to handle any cavities while they are still small. And the cleaning eradicates both plaque and tartar. In addition, fluoride treatments can be of great help in the prevention of dental decay. Fluoride hardens tooth enamel. It is found in many toothpastes, some foods, and even in most municipal water supplies.

Schedule an appointment for your child to come in to see our Cinco Ranch children’s dentist. Take that vital step toward making cavities a rare occurrence in your child’s life.

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